The fact that you’re even on this website is a small miracle. To be honest, I never had the need for a website; my client base was well established before the days of Google and YouTube. But, you’re here…and that’s pretty cool. Welcome to my humble abode on the internet.

Your search for professional voice talent services ends here. Or maybe it’s just beginning. Regardless, you’ve found the right spot if you’re looking for great VO or need help with hiring good voice talent. I have 30+ years experience behind a microphone…..but I won’t bore you with my resume.

Let’s just say that people who do this type of work well are both rare and hard to find. Like many other specialty service providers found on the internet, many people claim to be professionals at voiceover work, but in the end very few can deliver.

If you require professional voiceover services and project management, I can help you with that – Male, Female and foreign languages as well.

The best way to get started is to request a quote/audition and we can go from there. We’ll send you some audio samples. If the price is right and you like what you hear, we can look at moving forward.

Thanks for visiting.


Gus Richards